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Violinist and string ensembles for weddings Hamilton

.Violinist and string ensembles for weddings Hamilton, ON. If you, or someone you know is getting married, or is interested in a live performance for a wedding or special event in Hamilton and area, please contact us for a custom quote.

From classical to pop, Top 40

Whatever the type or size of event Duo d’Amore, has an ensemble and the right music options to make your event memorable. We have hours of classical music, from the baroque period with composers such as Bach and Handel, the classical period with Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven to the Romantic period with Elgar and Brahms, just to name a few. We have over 5 hours of classical music, and our repertoire is always expanding. Here are some of our most requested songs for our string quartet and ensembles:

  1. Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel
  2. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring by Johann Sebastian Bach
  3. Air on the G String by Johann Sebastian Bach
  4. Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn
  5. Trumpet Voluntary by Jeremiah Clarke
  6. Ave Maria by Franz Schubert
  7. Spring from The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi
  8. Bridal Chorus by Richard Wagner
  9. The Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns
  10. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Pop, Top40 and beyond, custom arrangements

Duo d’Amore is also fortunate to have an incredibly large collection of pop string arrangements, and like our classical music repertoire it is always expanding. If there is a song that you would like for your event, let us know.

  1. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
  2. Perfect by Ed Sheeran
  3. All of Me by John Legend
  4. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley
  5. Marry Me by Train
  6. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran
  7. You Are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne
  8. At Last by Etta James
  9. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith
  10. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Wedding ceremony locations in Hamilton and area

  1. Ancaster Mill: This historic venue, located in Ancaster, offers both indoor and outdoor ceremony options, as well as elegant reception rooms with scenic views of the surrounding waterfalls.
  2. Carmen’s Banquet Centre: This popular wedding venue in Hamilton offers multiple ballrooms and event spaces, with seating for up to 1,200 guests. The venue also features a beautiful outdoor garden area for ceremonies.
  3. Dundurn Castle: For couples seeking a unique and historic venue, Dundurn Castle in Hamilton is a great option. This elegant castle offers indoor and outdoor ceremony locations, as well as multiple reception rooms and a beautiful garden for photos.
  4. Earth to Table Farm: This farm venue in Flamborough offers a rustic and charming setting for weddings, with a beautiful barn for receptions and picturesque outdoor spaces for ceremonies.
  5. Geraldo’s at LaSalle Park: This waterfront venue in Burlington offers stunning views of Lake Ontario and a beautiful outdoor ceremony space. The venue also features elegant ballrooms for receptions, as well as outdoor patios for cocktail hour.
  6. Liuna Station: This historic train station in Hamilton has been transformed into a beautiful wedding venue, with grand ballrooms and elegant details. The venue also offers a beautiful outdoor courtyard for ceremonies.
  7. Royal Botanical Gardens: For couples seeking a natural and beautiful outdoor setting, the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington offers multiple garden locations for ceremonies and receptions. The venue also features a lovely indoor reception space with floor-to-ceiling windows.
  8. The Lakeview: This unique venue in Hamilton offers both indoor and outdoor ceremony options, as well as a beautiful reception space with panoramic views of Lake Ontario. The venue also features a rooftop patio for cocktail hour.
  9. The Scottish Rite: This historic building in Hamilton offers elegant ballrooms and stunning details, including a grand staircase and beautiful stained glass windows. The venue also features a lovely outdoor garden for ceremonies.
  10. Waterfront Banquet and Conference Centre: This waterfront venue in Hamilton offers beautiful views of Lake Ontario and a variety of event spaces, including a ballroom, patio, and outdoor gazebo for ceremonies.

What ensembles do you have?

The solo violin

The smallest bowed string instrument in the violin family is the violin. It is also the quietest instrument, but that does not mean that it cannot produce a sound. Don’t forget that violin soloists regularly perform with a 50-100 piece orchestra, in a large hall seating 2000 or more people, and the solo violin can be heard over the entire orchestra, and at the very back of the concert hall. How? This comes down to the skill of the violinist, and positioning. This is why at wedding ceremonies for example we often are quite picky about the exact spot where our violinists and ensembles perform, no matter if the string ensemble is outdoors or indoors a single violinist is a great choice.

The solo cello

Like the solo violin, a solo cellist is a great option for slightly smaller wedding ceremonies and receptions in Hamilton ON. Larger than the violin, it is very resonant, and can play an equally wide range of music. Clients that hire the solo cello and solo violin for weddings and events often have a guest list of under 50, but not necessarily so.

The violin and cello duo

The violin and cello duo, or string duet, is made up of one violin player and one cello player, and is our most requested string ensemble for hire in Hamilton ON. Having both the violin, which is able to play soaring melodies, and the cello which is able to anchor and often accompany, while having an even larger sound it is no wonder that this is our most popular string ensemble. I like to imagine that the violin is like the right hand of the piano and the cello is the left had of the piano, together they can play almost anything, and that is another reason that it is our most popular ensembles.

What size of group/event would you recommend for a violin and cello duo string ensemble?

The short answer is we often recommend the violin and cello duo for between 50-150 guests, but when mic’s, we have performed for over 600, so it all depends. The more that we know about the type of event that you are hosting in Hamilton ON, the easier it is for us to recommend a string ensemble that will sound the best and fit with the wedding or special event that you are planning. Contact us here

The String Trio

The string trio is made up of the violin and cello, with the addition of a third filler instrument, such as a violin or viola.

What size of group/event would you recommend for a violin and cello duo string ensemble?

This larger string ensemble is suited for events with over 200 guests, and larger venues in general. With a slightly larger sound than the violin and cello duo, but not as large or rich sound as the string quartet, the string trio fits right in the middle of the string ensembles that we offer in Hamilton.

String quartet wedding ensembles Hamilton

Our string quartet is the largest wedding ensemble that we have for hire in Hamilton ON. The string quartet has a long and rich history, dating back to the classical period of music in the 18th century. During this time, composers such as Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven wrote some of the most famous and enduring string quartet works. In the 19th century, the string quartet continued to be an important genre, with composers such as Schubert and Brahms producing some of their most notable works in this format. During this time, the string quartet also began to be used for more private, intimate occasions such as weddings.

In the 20th century, the popularity of the string quartet for weddings continued to grow, as more and more couples sought out the beautiful and timeless sound of classical music for their special day. In addition to classical music, the string quartet also began to incorporate popular songs and pieces from other genres, such as jazz, folk, and even rock and roll.

Please contact us today for a String quartet or ensemble for your event in Hamilton ON

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