Ester and Phil’s wedding, May 31 at Balls Falls Historical Church, Lincoln ON

We performed at another interesting wedding today. No matter how many ceremonies or receptions we perform at it always amazes me how different they can be and how essential everyone’s job is on the big day. Florists, the officiant, the musicians, everyone has a big impact on the outcome of the event.

Phil and Ester’s wedding was nicely tailored to fit their style, especially regarding the music. For the prelude as the guest were entering and being seated, we performed a mixture of music with a sort of French café feel to it. Selections included La Vie En Rose, made popular by Edith Piaf and the Theme from Moulin Rouge as well as other unique songs from our catalogue of custom arrangements.

As Ester walked in, we performed another special arrangement of the song Will the Night, which went over very well and switched to Pachelbel Canon for the signing. The recessional was Disney/Pixar’s Theme from Up.

Because the Church is such an intimate venue, we are able to use this to our advantage in arranging the music. We made good use of pizzicato or plucking for some of the cello parts, and explored some interesting keys (B Major in particular.) There is also something special about playing an a wooden Church, and the rich sound of B Major seemed to resonate and sound much richer with the violin and cello.

The Church pews were decorated with very attractive floral arrangement from Van Noort Florists in Niagara on the Lake, and the ceremony was officiated by Kip Philip of Enduring Promises.

Venue: Balls Falls Historical Church
Officiant: Kip Philip
Florist: Van Noort Florists
Ceremony musicians: Duo d’Amore- string duos, trios and quartets

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