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John and Marianne’s wedding Niagara

John and Marianne’s wedding Niagara “Hire them, you won’t regret it! Duo d’Amore showed up early, played the right songs at the right time, and were flexible enough to play music not found in their repertoire. You should hire Duo d’Amore for your next event – you won’t regret it!” John R, groom


Edward Elgar Salut d’amour

“Salut d’Amour” by Edward Elgar is a beautiful and romantic piece that is often used as background music during wedding ceremonies. The piece was originally written as a solo violin piece and has since been arranged for various other instruments. It’s a perfect choice for a wedding ceremony, as it’s soft and elegant and creates a lovely ambiance for the special occasion.

Edward Elgar: Nimrod  from the Enigma Variations

“Nimrod” from Edward Elgar’s “Enigma Variations” is a popular piece of classical music that is frequently used during wedding ceremonies. It is known for its emotional and inspiring melody, making it a fitting choice for a wedding, where feelings of love, joy, and hope are often shared. The piece is typically played by an orchestra or ensemble, and its sweeping sound can help create a memorable and touching atmosphere during the ceremony.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica – Berceuse Wedding 


This was a great wedding ceremony held at Charles Daly Park in Jordan and made even more special by the unique classical music selections that John and Marianne chose. We were of course very happy to accommodate, and the interplay between the classical selections of the English composer Sir Edward Elgar and the Resident Evil music, both worked well, and were surprising for the guests to say the least! “Berceuse” is a piece of music from the video game “Resident Evil: Code Veronica.” While it is not a traditional choice for wedding music, again, it was quite the surprise for this beautiful Niagara wedding.

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