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solo violin, cello duo for weddings in Blue Mountains, Grey-Bruce-Simcoe

Wedding Violinists- Blue Mountains ON

Wedding Violinists and Ensembles-Blue Mountains ON

Wedding Violinists, cellists and Ensembles. Duo d’Amore is an award winning string ensemble featuring professional solo wedding violinists and cellists, as well as ensembles, most commonly the violin and cello duo. We are noted for our huge list of Top 40, pop and classical music. As well we can create custom bespoke arrangements of music to personalize your event. This is all backed up by our incredible, personalized customer service. We love performing at various venues in the Blue Mountains and in nearby, Thornbury, Collingwood, Owen Sound, Meaford and in all of Grey Bruce.

The solo wedding violinist

The smallest bowed string instrument in the violin family is the violin. It is also the quietest instrument, but that does not mean that it cannot produce a large full and rich sound. Don’t forget that violin soloists regularly perform with a 50-100 piece orchestra, in a large hall seating 2000 or more people, and the solo violin can be heard over the entire orchestra, and at the very back of the concert hall. How? This comes down to the skill of the violinist, and positioning. This is why at wedding ceremonies for example we often are quite picky about the exact spot where our violinists and ensembles perform, no matter if the string ensemble is outdoors or indoors, a single wedding violinist is a great choice. in the Blue Mountains ON.

A 5 star wedding ensemble, with over 200 reviews online

A Five star wedding ensemble. We love working with couples, and here are just a few recent reviews regarding our performances featuring our wedding violinists, cellists and string ensembles.

I would strongly recommend Duo D’Amore as a premier company with which to deal for any event. Their client communication is exceptional, their professionalism is outstanding and they go above and beyond to ensure a positive customer experience.
They added value and enhanced our event and we couldn’t have been happier with the quality of the musician and their performance. If you’re looking for a proactive, proficient and skilled company to enrich your event, look no further than Duo D’Amore.

Karen Married 2022

We booked a strings duo with Duo d’Amore for our ceremony and cocktail hour music after they performed at my father in-law’s wedding. They really stood out to us there and they actually provided incredibly reasonable prices compared to many other people we had hired. When we had to postpone our wedding, they were generous, flexible, and only charged a nominal fee for rescheduling. They provided suggestions for repertoire (modern, classic, etc.) but I didn’t really had any strong preferences except for my walk down the aisle. I basically told them what song I wanted (Can’t Help Falling in Love, which was a TEAR JERKER the way they performed) and asked for a more modern repertoire for the rest. They followed my instructions and were phenomenal. I actually got some texts before the ceremony had started since they were performing for guests as they arrived, and guests were very happy with the songs and impressed. We had an indoor/outdoor venue with the dinner inside and bar/ceremony/grounds outside for guests. Unfortunately, because of extreme heat and humidity, our cocktail hour was moved indoors for the sake of food safety (we had a live sushi station). The guests didn’t get to avail of the live music outside as much as I had hoped, but anyone who went out for the bar would have at least enjoyed these talented artists.
Thank you Duo d’Amore for making my walk down the aisle and ceremony the most unforgettable, romantic experience – I do believe it contributed to my new husband’s tears!

Laura married 2022

Music choices-from classical to pop

The solo violin had a large repertoire, in other words, the violin can play an endless number of songs from classical to pop. Most often playing the main melody like, some classical songs, or pieces that are popular for events with the solo violin include. the following. Listen to samples here

Classical violin wedding songs

  1. “Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel
  2. “Bridal Chorus” from “Lohengrin” by Richard Wagner
  3. “Wedding March” from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Felix Mendelssohn
  4. “The Four Seasons: Spring” by Antonio Vivaldi
  5. “The Swan” from “Carnival of the Animals” by Camille Saint-Saëns
  6. “Ave Maria” by Charles Gounod
  7. “Rondeau” by Jean-Joseph Mouret
  8. “Trumpet Voluntary” by Jeremiah Clarke
  9. “Moon River” by Henry Mancini
  10. “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” by Johann Sebastian Bach

Pop violinist wedding songs

Here are a number pop violin wedding songs that our solo violinists typically perform in the Blue Mountains and Grey-Bruce:

Here is a list of popular pop music violin wedding songs that could be great choices for your special day:

  1. “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri
  2. “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran
  3. “All of Me” by John Legend
  4. “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran
  5. “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith
  6. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley
  7. “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra
  8. “At Last” by Etta James

The solo cello

Like the solo violin, a solo cellist is a great option for slightly smaller wedding ceremonies and receptions in the Blue Mountains and area. Larger than the violin, it is very resonant, and can play an equally wide range of music. Clients that hire the solo cello and solo violin for weddings and events often have a guest list of under 50, but not necessarily so. Here are several excellent and popular songs for the solo cello.

The solo cello-popular classical music songs

  1. “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy
  2. “Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major”
  3. “Pachelbel’s Canon in D”
  4. “The Swan” from Saint-Saëns’s “Carnival of the Animals”
  5. “Moon River” by Henry Mancini
  6. “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” by J.S. Bach
  7. “Ave Maria” by Schubert
  8. “Spring” from Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”

The solo cello–popular pop music songs

Like the solo violin, you may notice some overlap in terms of the songs performed on solo cello. That is because the songs are so popular as wedding music, and because they sound fantastic on either instrument.

  1. “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay
  2. “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri
  3. “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz
  4. “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston
  5. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley
  6. “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen
  7. “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran
  8. “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

The violin and cello duo

The violin and cello duo, or string duet, is made up of one violin player and one cello player, and is our most requested string ensemble for hire in the Blue Mountains in Grey-Bruce. Having both the violin, which is able to play soaring melodies, and the cello which is able to anchor and often accompany, while having an even larger sound it is no wonder that this is our most popular string ensemble. I like to imagine that the violin is like the right hand of the piano and the cello is the left had of the piano, together they can play almost anything, and that is another reason that it is our most popular ensembles.

What size of group/event would you recommend for a violin and cello duo string ensemble?

The short answer is we often recommend the violin and cello duo for between 50-150 guests, but when mic’s, we have performed for over 600, so it all depends. The more that we know about the type of event that you are hosting in the Blue Mountains in Grey-Bruce, the easier it is for us to recommend a string ensemble that will sound the best and fit with the wedding or special event that you are planning. Contact us here

There are other factors such as the size of the space, and it is very different performing at a large church such St George’s in the Blue Mountains for example, then a smaller venue in the Blue Mountains.

What else is there to consider with the violin and cello duo?

Corporate events or special events At Blue Mountain

We have also had clients hire the violin and cello duo for special events and corporate events, and especially for large events, the musicians have performed separately, in separate places of the venue. This is a very interesting and unique option, and one that is quite surprising to say the least–not to mention affordable. The other thing to consider is that with this option, it is like have three ensembles in one–a solo violin, a solo cello and then they can perform as a string duo.

Wedding Options

The string duo again, is our most popular option for wedding ceremonies in the Blue Mountains and Grey-Bruce. And like the corporate option, the instruments can be used separately and apart. Some songs like the Bach Cello Suites are wonderful to be performed as guests arrive and are seated before the ceremony. Some songs are uniquely suited to one instrument or the other. Massenet’s Meditation is a prime example of music suited to the violin, and “The Swan” from Saint-Saëns’s “Carnival of the Animals” is a musical choice that features the cello. There are many other options, and we can consult and help with this to customize the music for your event.

In conclusion, if you are interested in a wedding violinist and professional string ensemble for hire in the Blue Mountains in Grey-Bruce, from a small intimate setting such as a wedding or corporate event, or to a large venue like a banquet hall, consider hiring Duo d’Amore as your Blue Mountains in Grey-Bruce string ensemble.

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