Weddings: Then vs Now

Anyone who has been a client, or a repeat client of Duo d’Amore knows that we like to arrive early to events, no matter what. If it is a corporate event or a wedding, it’s always important to arrive early. What happens when you arrive early, and you have setup? Besides tuning, and warming yup, we often have several minutes to chat with venue staff, planners and of course the priest, officiant etc. Over the past few weddings, many of our conversations have drifted to talking about old vs new. What I mean by that is: how has the planning aspect of weddings changed in the past decades? Easy—in one word: Choice.

Choice is fantastic. Just 10 years ago, the process of getting married was straightforward: you met with the Church, they basically told you how the ceremony was going to go, and you let the organist choose the music, or you chose from maybe 5 songs and that was that. Now it is a totally different story and process, and in my opinion, must better for the client. Much more personal and maybe even meaningful, at least with regarding to all of the different decisions and customizable additions that can make a ceremony great. With music for example, you can now choose contemporary and pop songs, you can choose music to be performed during different parts of the ceremony, and you can even choose the ensemble or group you want to add that extra something special to your day. We are thankful to provide such a service to our clients, because we both love it, and guests and brides and grooms really pick up on our positive attitude.

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