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Tyndal Chapel wedding music

Gary and Adora’s wedding in Toronto

Gary and Adora’s Wedding at Tyndale University Chapel, Toronto

What a beautiful wedding and look at the gorgeous Church! We had a great time working with Gary and Adora to plan the ceremony music  and were able to come up with a unique playlist of songs that represented exactly the way they felt about each other and about the wedding day as a whole. As you can see from the following playlist, the string quartet performed a mix of classical music, and more modern music. As our largest ensemble performing in such a beautiful, large and resonant space was ideal, and they we able to fill the Church with the full, nuanced sound of the string quartet!

It was great to work with Gary and Adora to come up with a custom and unique playlist that combines classical, and absolutely beautiful modern music, including Disney songs, Josh Groban, Elvis and Leonard Cohen.


  1. Bridesmaids — Pachelbel Canon in D
  2. Bride — Can’t help falling in Love – Elvis Presley


  1. Hallelujah
  2. You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban


– Mendelssohn Wedding March


– Tale as old as time (Beauty and the Beast)

Photo/video credit: SDE weddings

Venue: Tyndall University Church

Tyndale University College and Seminary is a private Christian institution in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Tyndale University College has a chapel which is used for religious services, events, and other purposes. The Chapel is a place of worship and spiritual reflection for the Tyndale community. It is not uncommon for universities and colleges to have chapels as a place of worship and reflection for their students, staff, and faculty.

String ensemble (quartet):

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