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Wedding Ceremony Music Niagara

 Wedding Ceremony Music Niagara

“We hired Duo D’Amore to provide a violin and cello duo for our outdoor ceremony at Pillar and Post in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Communication was fast and efficient. They had an excellent selection of pieces to choose from for our ceremony, including many non-traditional classical pieces. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a similar group for their wedding or event!” Taryn, Bride

Taryn hired Duo d’Amore to perform for her wedding ceremony at the Pillar and Post  in Niagara, which is always lovely, and we enjoy performing there. The ceremony music was all classical, and extremely elegant while also upbeat-especially the recessional. For the Bride we performed Charpentier’s Prelude from TeDeum followed by Massent’s Meditation from Thais. This was originally written for violin and orchestra, and we often perform it in an incredible arrangement for the violin and cello—it’s a real showpiece and makes a statement. Lastly for the recessional, our violinist and cellist performed the bright and happy La Rejouissance as the couple walked down the aisle together!

Wedding Ceremony Music Selections

Processional: Charpentier Prelude from Te Deum

Signing: Massenet Meditation from Thais

Jules Massenet’s Meditation from Thais is one of the most iconic and beloved pieces of classical music ever written. This enchanting piece was originally composed as an intermezzo to the opera Thaïs, which premiered in 1894. It remains one of Massenet’s most successful works, having been performed and recorded by numerous prominent musicians and orchestras over the past century.

Melancholic Wedding Music Choice

The Meditation is a tender, melancholic but also uplifting piece of music. It begins with a beautiful solo violin in a minor key that evokes a sense of sorrow and longing. This solo is then joined by a gentle accompaniment and a second violin entering with a counterpoint melody. As the piece progresses, the accompaniment becomes increasingly more intricate and complex, culminating in a climax and a majestic cadence.

The Meditation is infused with a profound sense of emotion. Massenet has managed to capture the nuances of human feeling in a way that no other composer has done before. It is a complex yet delicate piece that has captivated audiences for generations.

This masterpiece continues to inspire musicians to this day. It is performed by some of the world’s greatest musicians, including violinists Itzhak Perlman, Joshua Bell and Janine Jansen, pianist Martha Argerich and cellist Yo-Yo Ma. It is also frequently performed in recordings and concerts, and is often used in television, film and advertising.

The Meditation from Thais is a timeless work of art that will continue to captivate audiences for generations to come, and it is one of our favourite pieces of wedding ceremony music to perform.

Recessional: Handel La Rejouissance from the Royal Fireworks

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