Sarah and Marek’s wedding ceremony, July 27, 2012, at Paletta Mansion, violin and cello duo Burlington ON

A July wedding at Paletta Mansion is a wonderful thing—the venue is beautiful and the temperature is always nice (owing to thelake effect and plenty of shade from the balcony at the back of the venue). The music choices for the ceremony were classical, but on the lighter side. As the guests gathered and were seated the two musicians performed a selection of light classical music, in keeping with the music that the couple had chosen for the ceremony. When the bridesmaids were lined up and ready to begin their walk down the aisle, the string players started to play Charpentier’s prelude from Te Deum. As the last bridesmaid took her place the song came to a natural cadence or closing point. After a short pause the bride began here walk down the lovely terracotta tiled steps looking straight out onto lake Ontario, and looking at the groom as well. Pachelbel’s Canon resounded and reverberated over the water as she reached her spot at the front. After the vows and exchange of rings, it was time for the signing of the register. The music for this portion was the light and flowing Jesu Joy by J.S. Bach. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the officiant announced the couple and they walked our triumphantly to Handel’s La Rejouissance.

Wedding ceremony musicians Burlington: Duo d’Amore-violin and cello duo, string trio and string quartet

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