JD and Izabella’s surprise anniversary aboard the Captain’s Impatient, violin and cello duo, September 22, 2012, Vancouver BC

“Thank you very much for everything. The players were excellent and everything went off without a hitch.”

This was a really fun event, and the surprise part of the occasion made everything that more exciting. The plan was to have Duo d’Amore’s violinist and cellist come on board the ship by 6pm, and hide in the front guestroom. Izabella (girlfriend) is being brought aboard on the premise that JD (boyfriend) is dropping off wine for a friend of my family. The idea is that she will just think that we get a 20 min boat ride with some champagne as JD’s 5 year anniversary gift to her. Once we finish the tour of the boat upstairs the musicians and photographer set themselves up in the main lobby to take a picture with the Vancouver skyline in the background and have wonderful music playing at the same time. The string duo continued to perform a selection of classical music throughout the dinner. What a fantastic event!

Charter Boat Vancouver and photo credit: Get Away Yacht Charters

Live musicians Vancouver: Duo d’Amore-violin and cello duo, string trio and string quartet



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