December events and looking ahead to 2015

As the first snowflakes start to fall from the sky, and the Christmas and holiday season begins, we are hard at work preparing for a number of corporate Christmas parties, as well as wedding ceremonies and other special events. We are also looking forward to the New Year, and booking events for 2015. Along with all of that, we are thinking about what wedding trends will we see for 2015. In the past couple of years, at least in regards to wedding ceremony music, many couples have mixed popular music choices with more traditional selections. It seems to me that 2015 will have people still interested in more popular music, but there may be a slight shift to more vintage themed weddings, with classical oriented music performed. Corporate events will continue with a mix of classical and pop, with larger ensembles like a string quartet or smaller soloists and violin and cello duos, though depending on the type of event, this might change to popular upbeat music, slower more background music, or as we are getting into the Christmas season, holiday and Christmas themed music. Whatever happens, from Calgary to Charlottetown, or Surry BC to Scarborough ON it sure will be an interesting year, with lots of exciting events, and great live music!

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