Alan and Shizue’s wedding ceremony at the Lake House Event Centre, violin and cello duo May 4, 2013, Pickering ON

“The music selection worked perfectly! Punctual and everything went smoothly.

Thank you very much.” Alan, Groom

Duo d’Amore has hasd many foreign clients from countries all around the work, for wedding ceremonies, reception, public anrivate and corporat events, and it was especially nice to help Alan and Shizue plan the musical portion of the wedding. The Lake house was the perfoct, intimate venue for the ceremony, and we had a great time performing classicas such as Pachelbel Canon and La Rejouissance, and also the less well known but beautiful M’Appari Tutt’Amor by Flotow” arranged for the violin and cello duo.

Processional: Pachelbel’s Canon

Signing: M’Appari Tutt’Amor by Flotow

Recessional: Handel La Rejouissance from the Royal Fireworks

Wedding Ceremony Music: Duo d’Amore-string duos, trios and quartets

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