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GTA corporate string quartet

GTA corporate string quartet. Duo d’Amore is an award winning string ensemble, made up of professional violinists, violists and cellists. Together we have versatile string ensembles such as string duos, string trios and quartets. We perform a wide variety of music including pop, Top40 and classical music for corporate events in Toronto, the GTA and across Canada.

I booked Duo d’Amore to perform for the Gourmet Gala reception at the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo. Guests really enjoyed the performance and customer service was great. I hope to work with them and book them to play again in the future.


Elevating corporate gatherings with live performances

Elevating events and corporate gatherings to new heights of sophistication and elegance, a corporate string quartet stands as a captivating choice that transcends the ordinary. In a world where the pursuit of uniqueness and memorable experiences is paramount, the melodic strains of a string quartet offer a timeless and enchanting ambiance that can transform any event into an unforgettable affair. Whether it’s a formal gala, a product launch, a networking reception, or a celebratory dinner, the presence of a live string quartet infuses an air of refinement, adding a touch of class that resonates with guests and creates an atmosphere of sophistication. This introduction explores the myriad reasons to consider hiring a corporate string quartet, delving into the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity that they bring, and the myriad ways in which their music can accentuate the essence of any corporate event.

Recent Corporate clients include:

TD Bank

Porche Centre Langley

Ottawa Hospital Foundation

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Professional Property Managers Association-Manitoba

Event Strategy Group, Ltd.

Pearl and Pine Retirement Residences Burlington ON

Fidelity Investments

Maison Simons

Holt Renfrew

VIA Rail

SNC Lavalin

Aviva Canada


Why hire a string quartet or string ensemble?

Hiring a corporate string quartet can be a strategically sound decision for a variety of reasons. Beyond merely providing entertainment, a string quartet can bring a unique and sophisticated ambiance to corporate events, enhancing the overall experience for attendees and creating a lasting impression. Here are some compelling reasons why hiring a corporate string quartet can be a valuable investment:

Elevated Ambiance

A string quartet and ensemble adds a touch of elegance and class to any event. The live performance of classical music creates a refined atmosphere that resonates well with formal gatherings such as conferences, galas, and awards ceremonies. This heightened ambiance reflects positively on the host company, suggesting attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

Memorable Experience

Live music has the power to evoke emotions and create memorable experiences. A well-played string quartet performance can captivate and engage attendees, leaving a lasting impression that extends beyond the event itself. People are more likely to remember an event where they were treated to a unique and enjoyable experience.

Other compelling reasons to hire a string ensemble

Networking Facilitator

Corporate events often serve as networking opportunities. A string quartet can act as a conversation starter, providing a common point of interest for attendees to discuss. The music provides a natural backdrop for interactions, helping to break the ice and foster connections among attendees.

Branding and Image

The choice to hire a string quartet reflects positively on the company’s image. It demonstrates attention to detail, cultural appreciation, and a commitment to providing a well-rounded and enjoyable experience for clients, employees, and partners. Such efforts contribute to shaping a favourable perception of the company’s values and priorities.


String quartets are versatile in their repertoire. While they excel in performing classical pieces, many quartets are skilled at incorporating contemporary and popular music into their performances. This flexibility allows them to tailor their repertoire to match the event’s theme or the preferences of the audience.

Acoustic Appeal

The natural sound of string instruments resonates well in various event settings, from intimate boardroom gatherings to larger conference halls. The acoustic quality of live strings can provide a soothing and unobtrusive background, enhancing the overall auditory experience of attendees.

Cultural and Artistic Appreciation

Incorporating a string quartet into an event showcases an appreciation for cultural and artistic endeavors. It elevates the event beyond the ordinary and indicates a commitment to enriching the attendees’ experience with elements of beauty and creativity.


Hiring a professional string quartet ensures a high-quality performance. The musicians’ expertise and professionalism contribute to the seamless execution of the event. Their punctuality, attire, and polished performance convey a sense of professionalism that aligns with the company’s values.

Hiring a corporate string quartet offers more than just entertainment; it provides an opportunity to create a sophisticated ambiance, enhance brand image, and deliver a memorable experience for attendees. The presence of a string quartet can enrich corporate events, fostering connections, cultural appreciation, and a lasting positive impression. As a strategic investment, a corporate string quartet can elevate the overall impact and success of your event.

GTA corporate string quartet sample performances

Listen to Duo d’Amore here

Duo d’Amore Reviews

We are proud to be one of the most reviewed String Quartet and ensembles for weddings and corporate events in all of Canada:–e8347

What ensembles do you have for hire?

Listing our GTA corporate string quartet Toronto string ensembles

The solo violin

The smallest bowed string instrument in the violin family is the violin. It is also the quietest instrument, but that does not mean that it cannot produce a sound. Don’t forget that violin soloists regularly perform with a 50-100 piece orchestra, in a large hall seating 2000 or more people, and the solo violin can be heard over the entire orchestra, and at the very back of the concert hall. How? This comes down to the skill of the violinist, and positioning. Duo d’Amore’s solo violinist is a great option for those who want live music but have a smaller budget. The solo violinist performs classical pieces, contemporary pieces, and a mix of both. A solo violinist can also perform amplified to fill any space with music.

The solo cello

Like the solo violin, a solo cellist is a great option for slightly smaller events. Larger than the violin, it is very resonant, and can play an equally wide range of music. Clients that hire the solo cello and solo violin for corporate events often have a guest list of under 50, but not necessarily so. Amplification again, is helpful in certain situations.

The violin and cello duo

The violin and cello duo, or string duet, is made up of one violin player and one cello player. This is our most requested string ensemble for hire around Toronto. Having both the violin, which is able to play soaring melodies, and the cello which is able to anchor and often accompany, while having an even larger sound it is no wonder that this is our most popular string ensemble. I like to imagine that the violin is like the right hand of the piano and the cello is the left had of the piano, together they can play almost anything, and that is another reason that it is our most popular ensembles.

Duo d’Amore’s violin and cello duo is a popular choice for corporate events. The duo consists of a violinist and a cellist who play together, creating a beautiful, harmonious sound. The duo’s repertoire includes classical pieces, contemporary pieces, and a mix of both.

The String Trio

The string trio is made up of the violin and cello, with the addition of a third instrument. Often this is a violin or viola. We recommend this ensemble for 150-200 guests. The string trio a great mid size ensemble that is an excellent option for larger rooms, and larger events.

The String Quartet

Our string quartet is the largest ensemble that we have for hire. We often recommend the string quartet for large gatherings and corporate receptions with 200 or more guests. The string quartet is one of our more versatile ensembles, as we can perform everything from Bach, Beethoven and Brahms in the classical spectrum, to pop, jazz, folk, Top40 and beyond.

Custom musical arrangements

We often arrange music specifically for our clients. Ask us about our custom song arrangements.

Listen to music samples

GTA corporate string quartet, violin and cello duo

Visit our website to listen to pop and classical GTA corporate string quartet music performed by our musicians: Listen to samples here.

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