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What types of events do we perform at?

What types of events does our string ensemble perform at? We get this question a lot, and the good news is, we can play at all kinds of events. Our different string ensembles (solo violin, solo cello, violin and cello duo, string trio and string quartet) can perform at a wide variety of events beyond weddings and receptions. Read more about the types of events that we can perform for here:

Some of the most popular types of events the our string ensemble perform at include:

  1. Corporate events: String ensembles can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to corporate events such as product launches, galas, and conferences. They can provide background music during dinner, or play during breaks and receptions. We perform for many corporate events , and have worked closely with companies such as RBC, TD Bank, the Porsche Centre Langley, AGO, various real estate companies to name just a few.
  2. Religious events: String ensembles can provide beautiful music for religious events such as church services, baptisms, and confirmations. They can also play during special events such as Christmas and Easter services.
  3. Graduations and Ceremonies: String ensembles can play during graduation ceremonies, award ceremonies, and academic convocations. They can also provide background music during receptions and celebrations afterwards.
  4. Concerts and recitals: String ensembles can perform as part of a concert series or recital. They can play a wide range of music including classical, contemporary, and pop songs. This is always fun for us, most notably, we performed as part of the opening of the Burlington Performing Arts centre (also on the program was Sarah McLachlan), as the touring string quartet of r EMI’s Libera , an all boys choir from London UK, as a backup for the Kokopelli choir and many others.
  5. Private events: String ensembles can also provide music for private events such as anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, and retirement parties. They can also play during garden parties, picnics and other outdoor events.
  6. Festivals and outdoor events: String ensembles can play at outdoor events such as festivals, fairs, and farmers markets. They can also provide background music for outdoor concerts and other public events.
  7. Fashion shows and photo shoots: String ensembles can also provide background music for fashion shows, photo shoots, and other creative events.
  8. Government Events. We have had the pleasure of performing for government functions.
  9. Museum Exhibit Openings. Our string duo was honoured to perform for the opening of Lost Liberties at the Canadian War Museum

Overall, string ensembles are a versatile and elegant choice for any type of event. Their rich, warm tones and wide range of music options make them a perfect choice for adding a touch of class and sophistication to any occasion.

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