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North York string quartet and wedding ensembles

North York string quartet and wedding ensembles. Duo d’Amore is an award winning string ensemble, made up of professional violinists, violists and cellists. Together we have versatile string ensembles such a s solo violinists and cellists, string duos, string trios and quartets. We perform a wide variety of music including pop, Top40 and classical for weddings, special and corporate events, in North York, Toronto and the GTA and across Canada.

My husband and I could not be happier or more satisfied with the wonderful services provided by Duo d’Amore. Matthew was always available to answer calls and emails and was very accommodating. A special request was made a few days before the wedding and Duo d’Amore was happy to obliged. Several of our wedding guests expressed praise regarding Duo d’Amore’s professionalism and quality. We would highly recommend them for anyone’s wedding.


Whatever the size and scope of your wedding or event, there is a string ensemble that will perfectly suit the occasion. Listed below is an overview of our string ensembles, and some general remarks about the size of wedding or event where they are best suited. Every event is unique and we suggest that you contact us so that we can plan and customize a string ensemble for your special occasion. Contact us here

What type of weddings does your string quartet and ensembles perform at?

We perform at all kinds of weddings such as non-denominational weddings, Catholic weddings, Jewish Weddings, Christian weddings, Orthodox weddings and many others.

Can you perform at other times?

Yes, we often perform during the cocktail hour and during dinner. Also during the first dance and the reception.

Do you have reviews of past weddings and events that you have performed at?

Yes, we are grateful to all of our past clients for leaving reviews on Weddingwire and Google. We are proud to have the most reviews of any wedding string ensemble in Canada.

North York string quartet and wedding ensembles
North York string quartet and wedding ensembles

What ensembles do you have for hire?

Listing our North York string quartet and wedding ensembles

The solo violin

The smallest bowed string instrument in the violin family is the violin. It is also the quietest instrument, but that does not mean that it cannot produce a sound. Don’t forget that violin soloists regularly perform with a 50-100 piece orchestra, in a large hall seating 2000 or more people, and the solo violin can be heard over the entire orchestra, and at the very back of the concert hall. How? This comes down to the skill of the violinist, and positioning. This is why at wedding ceremonies we often are quite picky about the exact spot where our violinists and ensembles perform, no matter if the string ensemble is outdoors or indoors a single violinist is a great choice.

Duo d’Amore’s solo violinist is a great option for those who want live music but have a smaller budget. The solo violinist performs classical pieces, contemporary pieces, and a mix of both. Their music is perfect for wedding ceremonies, cocktail receptions, and intimate dinners.

The solo cello

Like the solo violin, a solo cellist is a great option for slightly smaller wedding ceremonies and receptions in Toronto and the GTA. Larger than the violin, it is very resonant, and can play an equally wide range of music. Clients that hire the solo cello and solo violin for weddings and events often have a guest list of under 50, but not necessarily so.

The violin and cello duo

The violin and cello duo, or string duet, is made up of one violin player and one cello player. This is our most requested string ensemble for hire in Vancouver. Having both the violin, which is able to play soaring melodies, and the cello which is able to anchor and often accompany, while having an even larger sound it is no wonder that this is our most popular string ensemble. I like to imagine that the violin is like the right hand of the piano and the cello is the left had of the piano, together they can play almost anything, and that is another reason that it is our most popular ensembles.

Duo d’Amore’s violin and cello duo is a popular choice for weddings. The duo consists of a violinist and a cellist who play together, creating a beautiful, harmonious sound. The duo’s repertoire includes classical pieces, contemporary pieces, and a mix of both. Their music is perfect for wedding ceremonies, cocktail receptions, and dinner parties.

What size of group/event would you recommend for a violin and cello duo string ensemble?

We often recommend the violin and cello duo for between 50-150 guests. When mic’s, we have performed for over 600, so it all depends. The more that we know about the type of event that you are hosting in Vancouver, the easier it is for us to recommend a string ensemble that will sound the best and fit with the event that you are planning. Contact us here

The String Trio

The string trio is made up of the violin and cello, with the addition of a third instrument. Often this is a violin or viola.

What size of group/event would you recommend for a violin and cello duo string ensemble?

This larger string ensemble is suited for events with over 200 guests With a larger sound than the violin and cello duo, the string trio fits right in the middle of the string ensembles that we offer.

Wedding String quartet

Our string quartet is the largest wedding ensemble that we have for hire.

One of the most popular offerings of Duo d’Amore is their string quartet. A string quartet consists of four musicians who play the violin, viola, and cello. The quartet is a versatile ensemble that can perform a wide range of music, from classical pieces to modern arrangements of popular songs. The string quartet is perfect for weddings, cocktail receptions, and other events that require elegant, sophisticated music.

Recommended Wedding Ceremony Venues-North York string quartet and wedding ensembles

Bellvue Manor

This venue features grand ballrooms, stunning chandeliers, and a spacious outdoor garden, providing a luxurious setting for weddings.

The Westin Prince, Toronto

With indoor and outdoor event spaces, this hotel offers flexible options for weddings. Their outdoor garden is especially popular for ceremonies.

The Guild Inn Estate

Set in a picturesque park, this venue offers a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, including a charming chapel and gardens.

Graydon Hall Manor

This English manor-inspired venue offers a romantic ambiance with its elegant architecture, lush gardens, and upscale interiors.

Avenue Banquet Hall

Known for its modern decor and customizable options, this venue offers both intimate and grand event spaces.

Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue

This upscale venue offers elegant ballrooms, a grand staircase, and a European-inspired ambiance for weddings.

Arta Gallery

If you’re looking for a more artistic and contemporary setting, this gallery space might be a unique choice for your wedding.

The Albany Club

A historic venue with classic interiors, this club offers an intimate and elegant setting for weddings.

Toronto Botanical Garden

This green oasis within the city provides various outdoor spaces, including the Edwards Gardens, which can be a beautiful backdrop for your wedding.

La Maquette

Offering a mix of modern and historic elements, this venue features indoor and outdoor spaces for ceremonies and receptions.

Paramount Event Space

With its chic and modern design, this venue offers multiple event spaces and customizable options for weddings.

If you or someone you know is planning wedding ceremony, reception or event in the Toronto or GTA area and are looking for the finest, most experienced and professional North York string quartet and wedding ensembles to perform, please recommend and contact Duo d’Amore today.