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We were excited to perform at this wedding, as it is always interesting to perform different songs in a non-traditional way, and make everything flow seamlesly. For thsi event, the clients selected two songs: Songbird and All you Need is Love by the Beatles. We were honoured to perform for them, and work alongside a wedding planner that we have known for a few years now, Azar.

Music selections:
Processional: Songbird
Recessional: Beatles: All You Need Is Love

Ceremony musicians: Duo d’Amore-string duo-violin and cello www.duodamore.com
Wedding Planner: Azar Jazestani This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Venue: Auberge St Gabriel lesaint-gabriel.com

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Rather than recount the details of the string duos performance at this event, which we were proud to be a part of, here are some comments from Jo-Anne the organizer, which speak for themselves:

“Dear Matthew & Duo d'Amore.

Thank you so very much for coming up and generously donating your time and talent for my Garden Party for BMT (Blood and Marrow Transplant) and the Ross Cathcart Legacy Endowment Fund of the Ottawa Hospital Foundation on June 16, 2013. The weather was less than ideal and you easily adapted to the conditions. The violin and cello duo "added a touch of class" and "was a wonderful complement" to the Garden Party. The musicians were very talented and professional. The selections you chose were perfect for the event. The live music truly added to make the afternoon a wonderful memory that will stay with me forever. I would happily, whole-heartedly recommend Duo d'Amore for any occasion.“

Ensemble: Duo d’Amore-Violin and Cello duo

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Melissa and Matt’s wedding ceremony, June 15th, St Anthony’s Church, Ottawa

We often perform at St Anthony’s Church on Booth St in Ottawa, and Melissa and Matt’s ceremony was another beautiful event. Many guests arrived early for the ceremony, so we started to play a selection of additional music prior to the start of the wedding ceremony. When the ceremony started, the flow and timing of everything was incredible. As wee knew the number of bridesmaids that were walking down the aisle it was easy for us to end the first piece of music which was Charpentier’s Prelude from Te Deum at exactly the right point, right when the final bridesmaid took her place. Similarly for the rest of the ceremony (most importantly the bridal processional) everything else went exceptionally well, as our playing filled the warn acoustic of the Church. The signing was the popular Bach Gounod Ave Maria, which was followed by The Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn.

Wedding Vendors:

Ensemble: Duo d’Amore-Violin and Cello duo
Photography and Video by: Trending Media


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We had a great time performing at this wedding, and the location was fantastic! Combining this with the couple’s unique and non-traditional pop arrangements of some of the ceremony songs, this was a ceremony to remember!

When Tessa and Ben sent the selections to me, I was struck by how nicely they had combined popular film music with well known classical music, and how well the arrangements sounded for the violinist and cellist. And if you’re having your ceremony at an Observatory, the Imperial March music from Star Wars is a must!

Bridesmaids Processional: Storybook Love from the Princess Bride
Bridal Processional: Handel: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
Signing: Edelweiss and Vivaldi Winter
Recessional: Imperial March from Star Wars

Wedding Vendors:
Ensemble: Duo d’Amore-Violin and Cello duo

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Picture a wedding ceremony. What do you see? Most people would say a Church, a priest, the bride in white and the groom in black, live music from a string quartet or other classical music, beautiful flowers… This wedding had many of those elements but it was truly something special, as it included mead swords, and oathing stones! It was like an ancient Celtic ceremony, which was very exciting for us, as this was truly a ceremony designed by the bride and groom to reflect their own tastes and preferences. Musicially, we performed the following repertoire:

Bridesmaids Processional: Bach Air
Bridal Processional: Charpentier: Prelude from Te Deum
Signing: Time to Say Goodbye (Por Ti Volare)
Recessional: Handel: Hornpipe I from the Watermusik

Wedding Vendors:
Ensemble: Duo d’Amore-Violin and Cello duo

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Like many clients, I first spoke with Kathryn and Anthony 8 months ago, in chilly October, which seems so far away from the warn sunny weather on their wedding day. During our conversations, we spoke about our different ensembles (they chose the violin and cello duo), options regarding the ceremony music, and also confirmed many details throughout the booking process all to make sure their day was spectacular, which it was. As they were getting married in a Catholic Church, they chose a typically Catholic grouping of songs that is traditional, and timeless:

Music selections:
Bridesmaids Processional: Bach Air
Bridal Processional: Pachelbel Canon
Signing: Bach-Gounod Ave Maria
Communion: Bach: Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring
Recessional: Handel: La Rejouissance from he Royal Fireworks

In other blog posts I have written about certain music selections and why they work well in the context of a ceremony, or in this case a Catholic Mass, Bach Air is a particularly good example and fits a variety of situations. This is the reason we have suggested it for the Bridesmaids processional on our Guide to Wedding Ceremony Music Selections and Sample Programs. For Anthony and Kathryn’s wedding, Bach Air makes perfect sense as it is warm and welcoming; it is also very interesting music, and it is one of the longer selections, which is a very smart choice when you have a large bridal party, which this couple did (they had 5 bridesmaids). Conversely Bach Air also works well for smaller bridal parties, as it can be shortened without losing any of its character.

Wedding Vendors:
Ensemble: Duo d’Amore-Violin and Cello duo

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We often perform in the Distillery district for wedding and private events, and the Thompson Landry Gallery is a popular venue for both.

During the planning process I had the pleasure of speaking with Melanie, and she was so pleasant and nice to work with. In one of our first emails she commented that Our “website and samples are great!!!, which is always nice to hear.

There ceremony was beautiful, and the music selections reflected classical aesthetic: Very well chosen!

Processional: Bach Air on the G string
Signing: Bach Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring
Cord and Veil: Bach-Gounod Ave Maria
Recessional: Mendelsohn: Wedding March

Wedding Vendors:
Ensemble: Duo d’Amore-Violin and Cello duo

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As I told the groom on the wedding day: this location is one of our favorite in all of Niagara, as it is beautiful for sure, but guests are often surprised to be sitting (or standing an this case) in the middle of a vineyard. There are no buildings in view, so despite the wide open space, it also feels wonderfully private. As well, there is also an amazing barnlike “retreat” on site with beautiful acoustics, which should not be missed when planning an indoor wedding.

We have not performed at as many Greek Orthodox weddings as Catholic, Jewish or non-denominational weddings, but we always feel honored to perform at ceremonies such as this.

The music selections were are classical for the ceremony, and following the ceremony we performed a number of Modern pop songs, including “I Think I Wanna Marry You” by Bruno Mars.

Bridesmaids: Bach Air on the G-string Bride Processional: Processional: Canon in D Signing: Bach: Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring Recessional: Mendellsohn: Wedding March

Wedding Vendors:
Ensemble: Duo d’Amore-Violin and Cello duo
Venue: Cave Springs, Niagara
Wedding Planner: Grace at Inn on the Twenty
Flowers: Mimosa Flowers

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June 8th was the day for string trios—our musicians performed as a trio for a number of events, and we enjoy performing in this format. The client actually hired us as a duo but decided that they would like to have a trio perform instead, and as always we were happy to add another player and made the change effortless for the client as we took care of all the details.

As this Church is Catholic, the clients chose a wonderful selection of songs during the wedding ceremony:

Bridesmaids Processional: Canon in D
Bride Processional: Wagner Bridal Chorus
Signing: Schubert: Ave Maria
Communion: Bach Air on the G-string
Recessional: Mouret: Rondeau

Ensemble: Duo d’Amore-string trio

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Melissa and Aaron hired our string trio to perform for the wedding ceremony as well as a cocktail reception, following shortly after at Hazelton Manor in Vaughan. Our musicians arrived and started to perform around 1:45, as the ceremony was scheduled to begin at 2pm. The music selections worked out well, as the clients were able to personalize the music played as the bride walked down the aisle, and we were happy as always to accommodate the request of Never Say Never by the Fray.

After the guests had exited we drove to the reception location, and performed a selection of fun and upbeat, playful pop music, which everyone enjoyed.

Ceremony: St Anthony's Church Toronto ON
Reception: Hazelton Manor, 99 Peelar rd Vaughan ON

Music selections: Processional: Never Say Never: The Fray
Signing: Bach-Gounod Ave Maria
Recessional: Mendelssohn Wedding March

Ensemble: Duo d’Amore-violin and cello duo, string trio, and string quartet, Toronto

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After our performance at Essante and Jason’s wedding, we made our way over to Birds Hill Park to perform at an outdoor wedding ceremony. Classically styled, our string ensemble performed music by Pachelbel, Wagner, with a slight modern twist by also performing popular music by Enya and the Beatles.

Bridesmaids Processional: Pachelbel Canon

Bridal Processional: Wagner; Wedding March

Signing of the Register: Enya Only Time and Bach Sleepers Awake (Wachet Auf)

Recessional: Beatles: All You Need Is Love

Ceremony musicians: Duo d’Amore-string duos, trios and quartets

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We had a nice time planning this wedding with the clients who were so easy to work with, and the music selections, timing and the whole ceremony worked out beautifully. Congratulations!

Processional: Pachelbel Canon and Charpentier Prelude from Te Deum

Signing: Bach-Gounod: Ave Maria

Recessional: Mendelsohn: Wedding March

Wedding music: Duo d’Amore-string duos, trios and quartets

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As a string ensemble we perform at many Catholic Churches, either for a full mass or partial mass, depending on what the clients and Church are interested in. This wedding, was a very traditional full Catholic mass, and our string trio were honored to be a part of the big day my provided wonderful music.

One of our favorite songs in the program was music that we performed during the signing, the Schubert Ave Maria. Quite often clients request the Bach-Gounod Ave Maria, so it was a nice change for us to perform the other (and just as beautiful) version.

Bridesmaids Processional: Canon in D
Bride Processional: Wagner Bridal Chorus
Signing: Schubert: Ave Maria
Communion: Bach Air on the G-string
Recessional: Mouret: Rondeau

Videographer: MPSG INC

Wedding ceremony and cocktail reception music: Duo d’Amore-string duos, trios and quartets

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Melissa and Aaron’s wedding ceremony and cocktail reception at St Anthony’s Church and Hazelton Manor, String Trio, June 8, 2013, Toronto and Vaughan ON

“(Duo d’Amore) were fantastic and sounded wonderful. Thank you again for all of your assistance in helping to make our wedding day a memorable experience”

 Our string trio had a great time performing for this wedding ceremony at the beautiful St Anthony’s Church in Toronto, and the cocktail reception in Vaughan. The acoustics of churches are often fantastic, and the sound of the Fray reverberating off the walls of the church by our string ensemble was exactly what the bride and groom were looking for.  Blending modern music with classical music is starting to become a bit of a trend, and when it is done well with a lot of thought and planning such as with this wedding, it is a really unforgettable and special experience for everyone present.

Processional: The Fray

Signing: Bach-Gounod Ave Maria

Recessional: Mendelssohn Wedding March

Photo Source: Studio Cabral

Wedding ceremony and cocktail reception music: Duo d’Amore-string duos, trios and quartets


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To get right to the point about this wedding ceremony—everything was exceptional, and the music choices went along with this. Jesu Joy was a wonderful song to start off the seating of the guests as the graceful and flowing melody could be heard as guests were being seated just before the start of the ceremony. Then came Pachelbel Canon for the  groom, bridesmaids, and flower girls. We worked on something special for the bride who wanted the Theme from a Secret Garden, which was stunning. The signing music by Vivaldi was introspective and soft, while the recessional music also by Vivaldi was bright, full and loud—perfect for celebrating such a beautiful wedding.


Seating of guests: Bach Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring

Processional (Groom, Bridesmaids, Flower girls etc.): Pachelbel Canon in D

Processional (Bride): The Song from A Secret Garden

Signing: Vivaldi Winter from the Four Seasons

Recessional: Vivaldi Spring from the Four Seasons


Wedding Ceremony Music: Duo d’Amore-string duos, trios and quartets

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If there is a trend in the wedding industry, I would say that more and more couples are going outside of the box, and customizing and choosing elements of the wedding, whether flowers, attire, venues, readings and specially music that combines classic elegance with elements of contemporary and popular culture. While there are many more decisions for the clients to make, the result is often spectacular, especially of they have a wedding planner or in our case Duo d’Amore who can help guide them in choosing music so that it has the right fit for the client and for a wedding ceremony. In this respect Danielle and Dany did an excellent job!

Looking at the two modern songs by Enya and the Verve, they have a classical feel to them, but also are different enough to add a bit of additional excitement to the wedding ceremony.

Bridesmaids entrance - Bach Air
Bride's entrance - Only Time by Enya
Signing: Bach-Gounod: Ave Maria
Communion: Bach: Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring
Recessional: Bittersweet Symphony

Wedding Vendors:
Ensemble: Duo d’Amore-Violin and Cello duo

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Felicia and Elliot's wedding ceremony, June 2, Ravine Vineyard Niagara ON

We had a wonderful, and windy time performing for Felicia and Elliot's wedding outdoors at Ravine Vineyard. The site the couple chose for the ceremony was beautiful--rolling hills with vines galore. The only issue was the wind, which was strong enough to blow our music stands over when we first set them up! This was one of the windiest weddings if not the windiest wedding ceremony that we have ever performed at. Despite the weather, we were able to offer a great performance, with several guests commenting to us about the performance.

The couple's music choices worked great with the venue: Pachelbel Canon was the perfect choice for the long-ish walk from one of the main buildings to where the officiant and groom were standing at the front. Jesu Joy and Bittersweet Symphony rounded out the ceremony, and we also performed a number of other songs as the guests exited the ceremony site. Despite the weather it was a beautiful ceremony!

Music Selections:
Bridesmaids and Bride Processional: Pachelbel Canon in D
Signing: Bach: Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring
Recessional: The Verve: Bittersweet Symphony

Ceremony musicians: Duo d'Amore-violin and cello duo duodamore.com
Venue: Ravine Vineyards ravinevineyard.com
Wedding Planner: Kassandra at Ravine This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Flowers: Mimosa Flowers mimosaflowers.com

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Ester and Phil’s wedding, May 31 at Balls Falls Historical Church, Lincoln ON

We performed at another interesting wedding today. No matter how many ceremonies or receptions we perform at it always amazes me how different they can be and how essential everyone’s job is on the big day. Florists, the officiant, the musicians, everyone has a big impact on the outcome of the event.

Phil and Ester’s wedding was nicely tailored to fit their style, especially regarding the music. For the prelude as the guest were entering and being seated, we performed a mixture of music with a sort of French café feel to it. Selections included La Vie En Rose, made popular by Edith Piaf and the Theme from Moulin Rouge as well as other unique songs from our catalogue of custom arrangements.

As Ester walked in, we performed another special arrangement of the song Will the Night, which went over very well and switched to Pachelbel Canon for the signing. The recessional was Disney/Pixar’s Theme from Up.

Because the Church is such an intimate venue, we are able to use this to our advantage in arranging the music. We made good use of pizzicato or plucking for some of the cello parts, and explored some interesting keys (B Major in particular.) There is also something special about playing an a wooden Church, and the rich sound of B Major seemed to resonate and sound much richer with the violin and cello.

The Church pews were decorated with very attractive floral arrangement from Van Noort Florists in Niagara on the Lake, and the ceremony was officiated by Kip Philip of Enduring Promises.

Venue: Balls Falls Historical Church
Officiant: Kip Philip
Florist: Van Noort Florists
Ceremony musicians: Duo d’Amore- string duos, trios and quartets

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Performance for Fidelity Investments corporate event at the ROM May 29, 2013

We really enjoy performing for corporate events, and it’s always an added perk when the venue itself is interesting. This event was in the Mammals Gallery which is pretty spectacular.

Duo d’Amore was hired to provide live background entertainment for around 40 guests, during a reception. Our violinist Emily and cellist Lydia had a wonderful time entertaining the guests with a selection of classical and contemporary music. Here is what the client said after I followed up with him:

“Outstanding performance. I met the musicians yesterday and thanked them for their services. Please extend my gratitude heartfelt thanks to them as well.”

Additionally, a special thank you to the staff at the ROM especially Michael Petty and Lesia Huculak, the corporate events coordinators.

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This venue was a complete and utter surprise for Duo d’Amore—it was our first time performing here, and we can’t wait to be back. I encourage our readers to look at their website (www.bissellshideaway.com) as this venue is not only great for a wedding or event but for spending time with the family.

The music for this wedding was as varied, exciting and interesting as the beautiful outdoor wedding. Congratulations to Julie and Brent!

Processional: Top Gun Anthem

Processional: Beatles: Here Comes The Sun

Signing: U2: All I Want Is You and Cohen: Hallelujah

Recessional: Journey: Don’t Stop Believin’ and Coldplay: Viva la Vida

Wedding Ceremony Music: Duo d’Amore-string duos, trios and quartets

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